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The Hired Gun

I’m available for all kinds of design and content related work.  Let’s say you need some help figuring out your WordPress site.  Or, magically, you need a beautiful annual report or newsletter produced, including the layout, proofing, and printing (in 36 hours!? Yes!)?  Did you hire a freelance designer to develop a logo for you, but now you have no idea how to use it, or how integrate it into your brand strategy?

My main business for clients falls into three key areas:

Digital Content Development and Brand Management

This area includes writing-based services like copywriting, proofing/editing, Spanish/English translations, web content creation, social media management and messaging, and technical writing and training.

Some examples of past projects include web content engineering for targeted audiences via social media outlets best fit to a client’s needs (i.e. blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube presence, etc.), copywriting and proofing eNewsletters, developing print communications materials like annual reports, newsletters, and training materials, creating administration and user guides, and of course, writing ad copy.

Content development also includes digital design services like web banners, print ads, trade show graphics, promotional pieces like product data sheets and spec sheets, press kits, and identity kits (from letterheads to business cards to logos). I’ll also wireframe a web concept, incorporating the user interaction (UI) aspect of how a site or application’s information architecture has been developed. After all, if design is like the facade of a building, usability is the cornerstone.

Content Strategy and Social Media/Web Campaign Management

Campaign Management and Content Development

Need help creating a web presence campaign that targets your specific industry’s needs and audience? Social media and web presence are by no means a science, but with six years experience in assisting companies, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies build their online personas, I’ve helped them to reflect the same reputation they cultivate offline, while engaging new, untapped audiences.

Samples of past projects include messaging and content engineering for targeted outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, integrating these outlets into a brand messaging strategy with realistic metrics and goals, building out and administering WordPress CMS sites, and managing social media for smaller organizations that don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Content and Communications Strategies

An organization’s brand identity is the glue that binds together all the time and effort spent on the messaging and design. Three key elements–a brand strategy, a communications strategy, and a marketing strategy–ensure that the sunk resources spent on logos, print and ad copy design, an SEO/SEM campaign, an appearance at an industry trade show, etc., are all moving pieces that come together to form a sustainable, agile organizational identity.

This process is extremely collaborative with my clients, and together we’ll progress through a series of steps to understand your brand and marketing efforts’ past performance, future goals, and set milestones that will enable the achievement of concrete objectives. Incorporating market analysis, examining target demographics, and identifying specific points of market entry, I work with clients to both establish actionable goals and provide them with the methods to achieve them.

Examples of past projects include the development of creative briefs, marketing plans, social media plans, brand identity guidelines, and communications plans.

Technical Design and Information Architecture Consulting

Some project examples include wireframing and information architecture development for web design and application development, the creation of instructional guides and best practices for application and CMS administration, and the development of functional specification, project management, and workflow plans.

Do you want to learn more? Check out my portfolio, where you’ll see projects that fall into all these categories.

For what kinds of work can you hire me?

As a brand manager to coordinate the various marketing functions, including product packaging, advertising, promotional campaigns, and public relations.  For smaller companies looking to develop an identity, we’ll collaborate to create your identity package from top to bottom, and accompany this with an execution plan tailored to your specific needs.

As a marketing communications consultant to create user guides, project proposals, creative briefs, style guides, project workflow plans, marketing strategies, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, and the like.

As a social media strategist to target the media outlets that best serve client needs, to engineer and manage content, test effectiveness of an SEO/SEM campaign, or develop and launch a web presence campaign from scratch.

As a production artist for work on catalogs, corporate communications pieces, point of purchase materials, trade show graphics, web banners, print ads and more.

As an information architecture or UI consultant to develop functional specs for complex form designs, print and web wireframes, and UI/industrial design recommendations.