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Adventures in the Northwest

Back about 6 months ago, I came to Oregon to work on a contract (and also to snowboard a lot). This move reflected a conscious choice on my part to tie together my passion for an outdoor lifestyle with my professional life.

Waking up one day to realize that my whole life would pass me by if I wasn’t doing the things I love all the time, something had to be done. The biggest question, then, became “what now?”

Being a beach bum forever would’ve given me skin cancer (being tan is no joke). Plus, there’s that whole fulfillment factor of “what am I contributing” that I didn’t have just surfing constantly.

Then again, working myself to the bone wouldn’t work either–I was continually burning out. That I needed to look for a balance was obvious, but finding the factors that came into play was the most challenging. After a little soul-searching, I came up with three ideals that I think hold true both for myself and the companies for which I consult:

1 – Culture
2 – Access to sport
3 – Commitment to innovation

So that brings us back to this site’s purpose. Definitely I’ll be showing some of my work here, have links to my portfolio, online identity stuff, but more than anything, this site should show you who I am.



Snowboarding Glaciers in June

Check it out. This is a test post.

A former welcome message

Way back when I started building this site, I had this amazingly personal message as my welcome:

“Thanks for dropping by! As I populate this site with content, go ahead and check out my portfolio or learn a little bit about me.

In the interim, you can also check out my company’s site at to get a better idea of the full range of projects I\’ve helped to bring into being.”

Instead, I’m now repositioning this blog/portfolio site and will be making some more changes that’ll more accurately reflect the point of why I created this to begin with. Sit tight, dear reader, and just wait for it….updates are forthcoming!

Portfolio Building

Wow–going through the process of bringing together all the print and web pieces that go into revamping your a portfolio is one exhaustive effort!  Especially when you consider that updating web properties like Behance and LinkedIn, not to mention writing, re-writing, and proofing of the copy that accompanies the screenshots, arrangement of pieces, (sometimes) redacting content to ensure confidentiality….it all becomes a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, we have a T3 connection and noise-cancelling headphones that allow me to listen to Ted Talks and documentaries on Hulu all day long.

The process is also humbling, too.  As I assemble all the work that I’ve done over the years, I am constantly reminded that adapting new design concepts and content development approaches is key to working with clients of all different stripes.  What works for one client doesn’t always work for another.  And, as Guy Kawasaki alludes in a posting on what he learned from Steve Jobs, the customer doesn’t always know what they want–and so that’s why it’s our job to help them figure it out.

Hello world!

Not one to deny WordPress fans of their standard greeting, I’ll title this first post “Hello, World.”

Just be patient, because I’m working on the content. Come back, drop me an email, or subscribe to the RSS feed. It’ll be worth it, and here’s why you might like it (in no particular order):