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Portfolio Building

Wow–going through the process of bringing together all the print and web pieces that go into revamping your a portfolio is one exhaustive effort!  Especially when you consider that updating web properties like Behance and LinkedIn, not to mention writing, re-writing, and proofing of the copy that accompanies the screenshots, arrangement of pieces, (sometimes) redacting content to ensure confidentiality….it all becomes a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, we have a T3 connection and noise-cancelling headphones that allow me to listen to Ted Talks and documentaries on Hulu all day long.

The process is also humbling, too.  As I assemble all the work that I’ve done over the years, I am constantly reminded that adapting new design concepts and content development approaches is key to working with clients of all different stripes.  What works for one client doesn’t always work for another.  And, as Guy Kawasaki alludes in a posting on what he learned from Steve Jobs, the customer doesn’t always know what they want–and so that’s why it’s our job to help them figure it out.


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